Kenneth W. Heger

Our On-Demand package includes more than 50 pre-recorded lectures from around the world and will be available for viewing in July. Kenneth W. Heger will talk about:

Problems with Alsace‐Lorraine? Consider Kehl

Learn how to use the records of the American consulate in Kehl, Baden (1882‐1917) to search for answers about your family in German Alsace‐Lorraine.

America and Saxony, 1837‐1917: Records of the Department of State

Learn how to use records of the American consulates in Saxony to find birth and death reports of Americans and names of relatives who had stayed behind in Germany.

Kenneth W. Heger’s career includes being the Director of the University of Maryland’s Archives and Digital Curation specialization and a 32-year employee at the National Archives. He is the president of the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society and has a Ph.D. in History.

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