Ute Brandenburg

Our On-Demand package includes more than 50 pre-recorded lectures from around the world and will be available for viewing in July. Ute Brandenburg will talk about:

Hidden Gems in German Archives

You’ve exhausted available parish records? You may not have reached the end of the road. German archives hold astonishing treasures. Learn what records might exist and how to obtain them.

Dodging Brick Walls

Most road blocks we encounter are avoidable. Learn how to recognize and overcome the most common issues that can cause an impasse in German research.

“Von Schickago Gradeaus”

Wohin wanderte Onkel August aus, und wie finde ich seine Nachkommen?Auswanderer nach Amerika gab es in fast jeder Familie. Der Kontakt mit deutschen Angehörigen blieb aber selten über die erste Generation hinaus bestehen. Computer Genealogie und Online-Datenbanken machen es möglich: es ist heute gar nicht so schwierig, die Amerikafahrer unter Ihren Vorfahren aufzuspüren. (auf Deutsch)

Ute Brandenburg is a professional genealogist Ute Brandenburg is a bilingual German American living in Iowa City, Iowa. Educated in Germany, she combines her lifelong immersion in German culture, history, and geography with in-depth knowledge of migration history as well as genealogical sources of the United States. Among Ute’s research interests are German immigration to the Midwest, research in the former Eastern Provinces of Prussia, and Jewish family history. Recently, Ute has been highly successful in using DNA to solve some of the most challenging cases of unknown origin of German immigrants. Ute is the owner of German Script Experts. 

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