Benjamin Hollister

Our On-Demand package includes more than 50 pre-recorded lectures from around the world and will be available for viewing in July. Benjamin Hollister will talk about:

Germans in Asia and Oceania: Why You Should Care!

Germans lived and died in the world beyond the big migrant destinations. Language and access can make finding these records difficult.

Wir fahren nach Australien: Who Went Down Under, When and Why

German families did not always migrate together; in fact, some went to opposite ends of the earth. Find out how to track your cousins in Australia.

Ben Hollister has been a professional genealogist since 2007, and a historical researcher since 1997. He owns and operates a historical research business focusing on German-Australian research, runs historical tours, and offers a variety of support services to researchers, including mentoring and reviews, as well as undertaking his own research.

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