André Hammann

Our On-Demand package includes more than 50 pre-recorded lectures from around the world and will be available for viewing in July. André Hammann will talk about:

German Immigration in Brazil – Historical and Cultural Aspects

Brazil has the second largest German immigrants after the USA. Timeline, mainly after 1824 (200 years in 2024). Emigration from German States and immigration to Brazil. Hard beginning, hard work, education (language/ dialects) and religion.

André Hammann was born in 1983 in Três de Maio, Brazil; Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Project Manager in Ag industry; speaks Portuguese, English, German and Spanish. Genealogist by hobby, board member of GenealogiaRS and IGGP; joined IGGCs 2017 and 2019, lecturer, German and Austrian genealogy books co-author, has 84 German-speaking immigrants (1825-1897).

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