A Trip Down Memory Lane…

Join us as we reminisce about the past German Genealogy Conferences in Minneapolis and Sacramento – what heartwarming and touching stories you’ve shared! Do you have any special stories from past German Genealogy Conferences that haven’t been included here? Let us know in the comments!

Are you registered for the 2021 conference? If not, time is running out! Sign up here – https://www.iggp2021.org/ – and then come back and join us in memory lane. And get excited for the new memories that will be created in July!

Auf welche Sprache sind die Vorträge?

Einige der Live- und On-Demand-Vorträge werden in der deutschen Sprache präsentiert, die restlichen Live- und On-Demand-Vorträge werden in der englischen Sprache vorgetragen. Sie können aber jede englischsprachige Sitzung mit übersetzten deutschen Untertiteln ansehen, wenn Sie möchten.  Um die Sprache der On-Demand-Vorträge in eine andere Sprache zu ändern, schalten Sie die Sprachuntertitelung ein und wählen dann die gewünschte Untertitelsprache in den Einstellungen des eingebetteten Videoplayers auf der Konferenz-Website.

What Language Will the Presentations Be In?

Although nearly all the Live and On-Demand lectures will be presented in English, several lectures will be presented in German. But you can watch any German-language lecture with translated English subtitles if you wish. To change the language of the live and on-demand presentations to English, turn on captioning and then select “English” in the embedded video player settings on the conference website.

Have Conference Questions? Join Our Zoom Q&A Session Tuesday, March 30!

Are you excited about the upcoming IGGP German Genealogy Conference, but don’t know exactly what to expect?

Are you interested in attending, but want to make sure you get the best package for your genealogy goals?

Do you have other questions about the conference that you want answered before you register?
Or are you already registered, but want to know how to plan your week?

Then mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 30! Next Tuesday, March 30, at 12:00 ET, is your chance to get all those conference questions answered live –  and hear other people’s questions that may help you as well.

To get any and all questions answered, register for the Conference Q&A with IGGP conference committee members James Beidler, Nancy Myers, and Katherine Schober here.  This will be a live event where you can type your questions in the chat box, and get the answer then and there from the three above-mentioned committee members. Looking forward to talking with you!

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