Conference FAQ

Do you have questions about the conference?  This is your first stop for answers.  This list will continue to change as new questions are asked.


I am a very amateur genealogist.  I’d like to be able to attend a few relevant sessions at the July conference.  Is there a more limited, even free, registration?
We’re putting together a top-notch lecture program and are paying our speakers accordingly, so there’s no free option. Individual presentations for viewing after the conference will eventually be available for $20 each.

Do you offer discounted registration for students?
No, we don’t.

Where can I see the On-Demand speakers’ topics?
The full roster of Live and On-Demand speakers and their lectures can be downloaded here:

If I buy the On-Demand pass will I have access to the Live sessions?
No, but if you buy the Combo – which is just $50 more than the On-Demand at the Early Bird price, you’ll get it all!

Will the live sessions on July 17th and 24th be recorded for later access? I have a previously scheduled event on one of those dates and am not sure if it is worth signing up for the live portion if I cannot access the lectures. Also, for the lectures in German, it would be very helpful to be able to replay them since reading subtitles can be hard to keep up with live.
Yes, the live sessions will also be recorded for later access and are included in the Combo and USB Works registration packages.

What are Demo Presentations?
Demo Presentations are from our Sponsors such as MyHeritage, Legacy Tree Genealogist, GENI, etc. – giving information and how-tos.

When will the On-Demand lectures be available for viewing?
The On-Demand presentations will debut a few at a time during the week … but you’ll have a chance to view them any time for a year.

How long will I have to watch the On-Demand sessions?
You will have a year to watch!

It appears that the 8 LIVE lectures plus the Expo and Networking are the only items from the Combo package that are NOT included in the On-Demand package. Is this correct? Or are there other benefits to Combo that I’m missing?
If you take the Combo, you get e-handouts from both LIVE! and On-Demand presentations.

If I register for a given package using the early bird pricing can I change my mind later and upgrade to a higher level at a later date, using the difference in price in effect during the Early Bird period? Or similarly, to get a partial refund for a downgrade?
Upgrade pricing would be the differential between what you paid and the price in effect when you upgrade. So if you buy the On-Demand at Early Bird price of $179 and then want to upgrade to the Combo after 1 April, you’ll pay $110 to upgrade.  A downgrade would essentially be canceling your registration and then buying a new one at the price in effect when you’d do that.


What is the schedule for the live speakers? 
You can view the schedule of Live and On-Demand lectures here:

Will there be English subtitles for the German lectures?
You’ll be able to watch any German-language lecture with translated English sub-titles if you wish.  To change the language of the live and on-demand presentations to English, turn on captioning and then select English in the embedded video player settings on the conference website.

What is the Expo? Is it the online sponsor/exhibits?
The Expo is indeed the virtual Exhibit Hall.

Will discount purchases be available at the Expo?
We don’t know what coupons the exhibitors will offer at their booth.

What are the Networking opportunities?   How will that be enabled?
Networking opportunities include Happy Hours and Connections Sessions (basically Zoom breakouts that the participants will schedule around their genealogy affinities such as specific geographic areas).  Closer to the event, you’ll have the opportunity to put create a profile with your interests that will help you meet other registrants.  Completing your profile information will help Whova suggest networking opportunities for you and make it easier for other guests to find you. Make sure to fill out your profile information in as much detail as you can.


What content can I build into my Virtual Booth?
As a sponsor or exhibitor, you will have your very own virtual booth to use for: 

  • Branding your company for the event (logo, company description)
  • Live-streaming content about your company or organization 
  • Making pre-recorded content available (one video per booth) 
  • Collecting and retrieving requests for more information from event attendees (leads)
  • Collect and export leads/contacts

What is the $75 Virtual Booth Set-up Fee?
Exhibitors can create their own virtual booth using the Whova app.  If you prefer, for a $75 surcharge, our tech partner, Playback Now, will set up your virtual booth for you, under your direction. As a courtesy to Sponsors, we are including this service as a benefit of sponsorship. 

If we choose to have Playback Now build our booth, should we include that with our normal booth fee payment via PayPal?
Yes, please just include the $75 for Playback Now with your payment to IGGP – we’ll reconcile that with Playback Now later on.

The fee schedule says “Ability to add one “demo presentation” to the registration packages.” What is a demo presentation? Is this a recorded presentation? Or is it a PowerPoint? Are there time restrictions or length restrictions? 
The demo presentation can be promotional and educational. You’re completely in control of the content and who you have in them! Most Sponsors & Exhibitors will likely use them to highlight their organization. The format will most typically be that of a webinar and can be made in whatever language you choose. It is a recorded presentation and can include a PowerPoint if you so choose. The time/length restrictions are liberal. We’re allowing up to an hour-long presentation, but research has shown 15-18 minutes is probably the limit of attention span. You’ll be able to book an appointment with Playback Now for them to professionally record your demo, most likely in early June. Note: this is in addition to any videos you may attach right to your virtual booth. We are not yet sure if we will be able to provide translated subtitles for these presentations.  Demo presentations will be included in all registration packages to be accessible to all registrants at their leisure.   

What are “hosting rights”?
A Hosted Presentation is a presentation already in the On-Demand presentation package. This is not a presentation that the sponsor or exhibitor provides, but rather a presentation from the list of presentations already chosen for inclusion in the conference package and the speaker has been compensated by IGGP. Hosting rights means that a sponsor or exhibitor can choose one of the on-demand presentations to “host.”“Hosting” means that a branded PowerPoint slide indicating the host will be added to the start of the presentation. On-Demand presentations are all approx. 60-minute videos. The sponsor or exhibitor chooses from a list of presentations in the conference program. The sponsor or exhibitor does not record their own presentation.

Why is the availability of “hosting rights” limited?
This is limited to the 62 presentations in the conference program.  Our intent is to have only one host per presentation.

What are “naming rights”?
This is the opportunity to a virtual venue named for your organization. The virtual venues include: 1) our LIVE! marquee presentations; 2) a virtual exhibit hall; 3) Connections sessions that will bring together registrants with similar affinities (PA Germans, Pomeranians, Swiss, even particular towns in Germany).

The fee schedule says “Complimentary placement of 1 brochure/flyer/postcard in the conference bag.”  What is the Conference Bag’?
We’re going to mail an “ultimate German genealogy goodie bag” at least to our Combo registrants. Sponsors and exhibitors can place multiple materials (flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.) in this conference bag (size & weight limits to be determined).

We are creating our own publication which we are offering to anyone completely free. It will be a robust PDF (10-25 pages). Is that acceptable for the conference bag or are we limited to a 1-2 page document?  
This publication sounds really cool! Likely, it’s something that you’d want to make a part of your virtual booth for people to download … and then perhaps do a one-page PDF of its cover or a flier for insertion in the conference bag

How many persons do you expect to attend?
In-person participation at the Sacramento & Minneapolis Conferences was 700 and 800 respectively.  Recent experiences during Covid with online presentations have shown that they exceeded normal personal attendance prior to the lockdown, so we are optimistically aiming to surpass those numbers.

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